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Why Spray?

To keep the tick population under control! The warm winters
do us no favors when it comes to killing off ticks.

We spray the known habitats of ticks around your property. Woodlines, under decks, grassy areas...

How often do you Spray?

For maximum protection, we spray every 45 days. It should be noted that a lot of rain or prolonged warm weather into the winter months can change application needs. 3 treatments is the rule when treating for ticks.

Is the spray safe?

Once the spray dries, it is perfectly safe to walk on/play in the treated zones. We ask that humans and pets wait at least 60 minutes after the spray until frolicking in their yards.

Tick Fast Facts

Ticks carry the Lyme disease causing bacteria.

They live in leaves, logs, acorns, grasses, gardens, woods.

They lay in wait with their front legs at the ready to hitch a ride on the next thing that comes along.

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