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Why Anti-Desiccant?

Winters in New England can be super harsh. Broad leaf evergreens like Boxwood, Rhododendron, Azalea and Holly can burn out from dry, cold winter winds. When we spray anti-desiccant, we create a waxy barrier on the leaves. This retains the moisture that the leaf has stored. Imagine a cucumber at the grocery store. Cucumbers are mostly water. When you pick one out, you feel that waxy coating. That is so the cucumbers don't dry out! It's the same thing for the evergreens.

How often do you Spray?

We spray anti-desiccant in late November to early December.

Is the spray safe?

This spray is very safe.

Anti-desiccant Fast Facts

Anti-desiccant is clear. After application, you might notice a milky white residue, but that will clear up.

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